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How Does Performance Coaching Work? Your performance coach will work with you to get a clear understanding of the challenges and issues you currently face so that it is properly addressed. By collaborating with your coach you will identify any existing resources you have at your disposal along with the means to acquire additional ones that will lead to positive changes so you can achieve your goals.

Who Uses Headgame? Our performance coaches work with a variety of people from every background, all with unique goals including: Amateur Sports Persons, Elite Athletes up to International and Olympic Level, Performing Artists including those employed in the West End, University Graduates looking for that all important first serious job, Students taking examinations, People who want a better work-life balance, People who need to lose weight and gain fitness, People who need to find a better way to manage their time.

Who Benefits From Performance Coaching? Those people who want a fast and reliable way to create a life where they consistently perform at their best, a well balanced life, a life in which challenges are met head on and dealt with effectively with the least amount of anxiety and stress. Our coaches help people to gain self-confidence and improve self-esteem, become more assertive, communicate effectively, reach their goals, in short to lead a life they wish for and deserve.


andreaAndrea Firth-Clark

Andrea is the Team Leader of Headgame, she specializes in sport psychology and performance enhancement. i.e. advising individuals and teams including organizations on the strategies and tactics needed to improve mental toughness and performance.

BPSLogoAndrea also lectures part time at the University of Greenwich.

Her experience includes working with a variety of athletes at all levels up to and including elite; international and Olympians. She also works with a variety of performing artists.

Her first honours degree was in social science/psychology and her second MSc degree was in sport coaching majoring in sport psychology and her PhD is in enhancing the performance of talented but academically underachieving athletes within secondary schools. She also has several life coaching

Andrea is BUPA registered, Health and Care Professions Council registered and is a British Psychological Society Chartered Psychologist.

andyAndy Dowsett Dip.Sach.Hyp, DNLP, DCMT
Also heading up our team is Andy Dowsett who is a specialist in hypnotherapy and NLP.

He is an internationally renowned mental game coach, and author of the Goal Set Master Plan and World Class Tennis Mentality. Andy has also had great success as a Corporate Stress Consultant.