Andy Dowsett – Professional Tennis Registry UK.
I would like to state that Andrea has used her psychology skills within the PTRuk National Players Academy and has worked alongside many of our players both individually and as a whole. Her work within the academy structure has been useful for all individuals concerned and we will continue to utilise her expertise in the future when required. I personally rate the knowledge and expertise of Andrea as among the best in this area and would have no doubt recommending her for all realms of work in the field of Sport Psychology.

Pete McCraw (Former) National Women’s Development Coach – Tennis Australia Melbourne.
I am writing this advisory opinion of Andrea as the National Women’s Development coach for Tennis Australia. During 2003 Andrea spent time working in Australia’s Targeted Athlete Project (TAP). The project’s philosophy is based on fast-tracking 30 of Australia’s best professional prospects between the age of 12 – 20 years. Andrea met and worked on a daily basis with TAP athletes based in Melbourne. Andrea also presented during a one-day coach education seminar in Sydney. In addition to this, Andrea spent time on court evaluating the athlete’s on-court rituals and match-play habits. Video sessions were conducted to review the athlete’s performance and valuable feedback was received by the girls. I was very pleased with the contribution Andrea made to the program. She was a valuable asset to the athletes and coaches.

Global House Facilities Management London.
Headgame has provided several excellent one day workshops on communications skills, team cohesion, and leadership skills. These workshops were imaginative, inspiring, fulfilling, educational and tremendous fun. We are looking forward to the next one, which is called the perfect presentation scheduled for July 2006.

Daryl Marchant PhD – Sport Psychologist and Lecturer Victoria University Melbourne Australia.
Andrea has been working part-time with me while in Australia. She has been working with a male high-level junior tennis player on issues relating to impulse control, cognitive set (e.g. self-talk) and general sport psychology enhancement techniques. Andrea has also been carrying out some specified background work relating to my role as Sport Psychologist at Geelong Football Club a professional Australian Football Organisation. I have found Andrea to be diligent, resourceful and enthusiastic. She is a good reflective practitioner.

Alison Wakefield Principal Dorothy Marshall School of Dance Drama.
Dorothy Marshall School or Performing Arts has used and will continue to use the services of Andrea Firth-Clark (Headgame) in the application of performance enhancement techniques on a regular basis. We have found the skills employed by Andrea to be beneficial and I am very pleased with the work she does for us.

Scott Montefiore – Head of Physical Education Northbrook Church of England School.
The seminar was outstanding and Andrea’s ability to interact with the children was very good. Students learning throughout the seminar were also very good as a result of the varying learning approaches and all learning abilities were catered for. On behalf of the school I would like to thank Andrea and welcome her back any time in the future.

Lauren Shipton.
Headgame helped me combat extreme anxiety about exams and also helped be build confidence in myself through cognitive restructuring and the use of imagery and relaxation, this really helped and I was able to take my GCSE exams last summer without any worry. (Please note Lauren got All A’s and one B in her exams).

Angeliki Mazaraki – Research Development Manager – Samaritans – Ewell Surrey.
Andrea on behalf of Headgame provides a high standard of research and report writing, the work she completes is published as part of the Samaritans Information Sheets.

E Clarke Greenwich – Golfer.
For the last two months Headgame has been working with me in areas of performance enhancement. We have also worked on my life-work balance, which in turn has had positive implications on my golf. I have been assisted in developing and improving a performance routine for both my long game and my short game. This has helped my focus and my ability to handle pressure in a game situation. We have now achieved the goals I set out to achieve but should I need to contact Headgame again in the future to further help me in the area of performance enhancement I shall not hesitate to do so.

Jenny Collier – International Interpreter.
On 14 February 2006 I had a two-hour life coach session with Andrea. I had been experiencing difficulties in achieving a better life-work balance and sought her help to better organize my work as a part-time conference interpreter. Andrea was very professional and personable. She focussed our discussions around goal-setting, time-planning and analysing and assessing my work patterns. We discussed what I wanted to achieve and then set deadlines. The emphasis was on setting realistic, achievable goals. It was very useful to have Andrea’s insights and advice. She was objective yet supportive and had some excellent ideas for a better approach to managing work demands on a daily basis and juggling competing demands. After our session Andrea sent me a summary of our discussions and the goals I had set. She then followed this up with several phone calls to ensure that I was on track to meeting the deadlines I’d set. I would highly recommend Andrea as a life coach. She made a big difference in helping me to better focus on setting and achieving goals in my work and private life.

E-mail: info@headgame.co.uk